Dr. Damodaran M. Vasudevan: Eminent Medical Educationist

Dr. D. M. Vasudevan – An Eminent Medical Educationist and Author

In this article, you will find information about Dr. D. M. Vasudevan, a celebrated medical educationist from India.

Who is Dr. D. M. Vasudevan?

Dr. (Prof.) Damodaran M. Vasudevan is an eminent medical biochemist and immunologist. He is a renowned and respected medical teacher (B. C. Roy awardee, 1992) and is considered a distinguished leader in medical education in India. 

Major Contributions of Dr. D. M. Vasudevan

The textbook of medical biochemistry authored by him originally in English has been translated into Spanish and Russian, and it has been a major commercial and academic success story in all three languages, selling a total of over half a million copies. This puts him into a unique position among Indian medical authors as very few of such works have been translated into foreign languages and are widely read in non-English speaking countries. 

Though he has published over 250 papers and has an h-index of around 40, many of his researches on coconut oil have broken many long-held myths related to its health effects, especially regarding the high attributed risk of coronary artery disease. He has accomplished several such scientific successes in his professional journey of over five decades encompassing the intersections of biochemistry and immunology.

Prof. (Dr.) Damodaran M. Vasudevan
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Positions Held by Dr. D. M. Vasudevan

Prof. D. M. Vasudevan has reached several high offices in the administration of medical education as well as the biochemistry profession, including Principal, Government Medical College, Thrissur; Founding Dean, Sikkim Manipal University; Dean of Medicine, and Head of Research, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham; Founder Director-Research, Jubilee Center for Medical Research; Vice President, Indian Immunological Society; and President, Indian Association of Clinical Biochemists of India. He continues to serve as the Technical and Research Director of an Indian company (AGAPPE), which manufactures biochemistry-related equipment and reagents and supplies them across the globe. 

Qualifications of Dr. D. M. Vasudevan

Prof. D. M. Vasudevan received his MBBS from the University of Kerela, his MD in Biochemistry from AIIMS, New Delhi, and his post-doctoral qualification from the Swiss Cancer Institute. He has also received several fellowships from prestigious national and international agencies. 

Legacy of Dr. D. M. Vasudevan

Prof. D. M. Vasudevan tirelessly continues to guide young medical students in learning biochemistry, a subject often perceived as dry, difficult, and uninteresting by the majority of medical students, and he often breaks these myths through his lectures. He strives to motivate them in adopting biochemistry as a professional career choice through his inspiring professional endeavors.  

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