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5 Reasons Why Society Needs Non-Clinical Doctors

Why Does Society Need Non-Clinical Doctors? Society needs non-clinical MBBS/MD doctors! It needs them more than ever!  Why do I say so? There are five main reasons. In this article, you will find the five reasons supporting the indispensable need for non-clinical doctors in modern societies.

Nobel Laureate & Acclaimed Immunologist: Dr. Ralph M. Steinman

Nobel Laureate & Drug Discovery Champion: Dr. James Black

Eminent Medical Educationist: Dr. Damodaran M. Vasudevan

Eminent Medical Educationist: Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran

HLA Technology Pioneer in India: Dr. Mahesh Chandra Vaidya

Warrior Against Cervical & Oral Cancers: Dr. Usha Luthra

Famous Immunologist: Dr. Indira Nath

Discoverer of Cholera Enterotoxin: Dr. Sambhu Nath De

Revolutionary Physiologist: Dr. Autar Singh Paintal

Distinguished Toxicologist: Dr. Sibte Hasan Zaidi

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A Celebrated Anatomist: Dr. Mahdi Hasan

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