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Dr. Ralph M. Steinman: Nobel Laureate & Acclaimed Immunologist

Dr. Ralph M. Steinman: Nobel Laureate Who Discovered Dendritic Cells & Pioneered Basic and Translational Dendritic Cell Research    In this article, we capture the professional journey of Dr. Ralph M. Steinman, a physician, immunologist, and cell biologist who described the existence of dendritic cells in 1973. Dr. Steinman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of dendritic cells and contributions to dendritic cell research both basic and translational.  Who was Dr. Ralph M. Steinman? Dr. Ralph Steinman was a Canadian physician who specialized as an immunologist and cell biologist. His ground-breaking basic research on the identification, purification, and extraction of dendritic cells was conducted at Rockefeller University in the US. Being a physician, he later advanced his research into the development of dendritic cell therapy, which was targeted at cancers, transplant rejection, and autoimmune diseases, all of which are mediated by immune processes.  Only a few individ

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