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Why Does Society Need Non-Clinical Doctors?

The society needs non-clinical MBBS/MD doctors! It needs them more than ever! 

Why do I say so? There are five main reasons.

Champion of Immunological Research on Leprosy: Dr. Indira Nath

Bacteriologist Who Discovered Cholera Enterotoxin: Dr. Sambhu Nath De

Revolutionary Physiologist: Dr. Autar Singh Paintal

Distinguished Toxicologist: Dr. Sibte Hasan Zaidi

Estimated Numbers of Non-Clinical Job Opportunities in India

Polymath Who Loved Teaching Anatomy: Dr. Mahdi Hasan

Mastering Medical Science and Scientific Methods

Co-developer Of A Low-Cost Anti-Rabies Regimen: Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti

A Typical Day As A Field Epidemiologist In A Disease Surveillance Program

Front Runner of Modern Imaging Techniques in India: Dr. Harsh Mahajan

Working With Diverse Teams And Environments

A Medical Affairs Physician's Typical Workday

If You Were A Clinician, You Could Have Made Twice The Money!

Oh! You Don't Treat Patients!

A Typical Workday Of The Physician In A Healthcare IT Company