Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran: Eminent Medical Educationist

Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran – A Renowned Medical Educationist

In this article, you will find details about Late Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran. She was a highly regarded medical teacher and administrator from India.  

Who was Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran?

Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran was a pharmacologist and medical teacher. She is considered an eminent medical educationist and has several firsts to her name in the domain of medical education in India. 

Major Achievements and Contributions of Dr. Laitha Kameswaran

In 1988, Dr. Kameswaran was appointed as the first vice-chancellor of The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, which was newly formed in line with the recommendations of the Bajaj Committee, which aimed to reform medical education in India. With the successful demonstration of the model of a state health university, Dr. Kamesawarn paved the way for the development of several such universities in India.

Before that, she was the first woman to be appointed the Dean of the prestigious Madras Medical College, the first woman Director of Medical Education in Tamilnadu, and probably among the first few woman awardees of Dr. B.C.Roy Award for eminent medical teachers (1983).

Late Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran
Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran. Image Credit: https://www.tnmgrmu.ac.in/

Qualifications of Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran 

Dr. Kameswaran completed her medical graduation from Stanley Medical College and her Doctorate from the University of London. She served as a professor of pharmacology at Madurai and Madras Medical Colleges. She was considered an inspiring medical teacher by many of her students, and one of the most well-known of her students is Dr. V Mohan, a diabetologist from Chennai. In his account of his professional journey, Dr. Mohan counted her as a pillar of support and described how Dr. Kameswaran encouraged him to pursue medical research.

Positions Held by Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran

Dr. Kameswaran was a highly-respected pharmacologist and was elected as the President of the Indian Pharmacological Society. She was also nominated to the executive committee of the Medical Council of India as well as the Tamilnadu State Planning Commission because of her zeal for transforming medical education. 

Legacy of Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran

Dr. Kameswaran was born to a Tamil scholar, Somasundara Bharati, and was married to Dr. S. Kameswaran, a renowned ENT surgeon of his time and a Padma Awardee. Their son, who is also a renowned ENT surgeon and a Padma Awardee too, continues their legacy forward through the Madras ENT Research Foundation.

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