Dr. Harsh Mahajan: A Renowned Radiologist

Front Runner of Modern Imaging Techniques in India: Dr. Harsh Mahajan

In this article, you will read about Dr. Harsh Mahajan's professional journey. You will find out how he transformed the diagnostic radiology field in India.

Who is Dr. Harsh Mahajan?

Dr. Harsh Mahajan is a radiologist. A radiologist deals with radiation-based imaging of the human body. With the use of sophisticated techniques like X Rays, Magnetic Resonance, Positron Emission, Gamma Rays, Ultrasonic waves, etc. they help clinicians in diagnosing the nature of diseases and measuring their extent/severity in the body.

Dr. Mahajan (Mahajan Imaging)
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Qualifications of Dr. Harsh Mahajan

Dr. Harsh Mahajan wanted to pursue an MD in internal medicine but, destiny had other plans. Falling short of a few ranks in the postgraduate entrance examination, he chose a career in radiology, his second preference.

He received his medical education from prestigious institutes, namely, the Maulana Azad Medical College and PGIMER Chandigarh. Following his MD from PGI, he was awarded the Rotary International Foundation Scholarship which enabled him to train in advanced radiology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the U.S.A. There he was exposed to the most advanced radiology technique of that time, the MRI. He joined as a faculty in the same department after his scholarship term and stayed there for over a year.

Dr. Harsh Mahajan on The Frontlines of Indian Radiology

He returned to India to work with the goal of advancing radiology services in India. He thought of joining a government apex institute that had an MRI machine. Once again, destiny had other plans. There was no vacancy available for the next couple of years in that institute and he had to work in other hospitals. This kept him away from MRI but wasn't able to reduce his interest in the technique. 

He thought of opening an MRI center on his own. Being from a humble background he could not do it alone. He found an investor in the form of a family friend but was still short of funds as the cost of an MRI machine is very high. He applied for a bank loan which took a couple of years to be approved. He waited patiently and finally opened the first privately owned MRI center in India, owning the fourth MRI machine in the country.

From there he never looked back and expanded in terms of scale as well in bringing other modern radio-logical techniques to the Indian market. Through his brand "Mahajan Imaging" Today he boasts of seven such centers that are equipped with the most modern and diverse radiological techniques employing over 400 people. He also holds many global records for performing the highest number of scans per machine. He pioneered the use of PET-CT, CB-CT, CT-Angiography, 3-D Mammography, DEXA, SPECT, Silent MRI, and functional MRI in the Indian market.

Legacy of Dr. Harsh Mahajan

Dr. Mahajan has performed thousands of such scans free of cost for poor patients referred by government hospitals spread all across northern India. Two of his centers were established in government hospitals following the Public-Private Partnership model. He serves as an honorary physician to the President of India and he has been awarded the Padma Shri by Govt. of India in recognition of his contribution to India's healthcare.

Besides being a medical and managing director for his centers, he is active in high-end radiological research in collaboration with institutes like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as in the training of next-generation radiologists both from India and other Asian countries. 

He has also been the President of the Indian Association of Radiologists and an active member on the advisory boards of several other national and international organizations in the domain of healthcare and social work. He is a well-renowned speaker in the field of healthcare and has delivered hundreds of lectures on MRI.
"You change before you have to" - Jack Welch (Dr. Mahajan's preferred quotation)

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