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For about 10 doctors who treat patients in a clinic or a hospital, there is one who doesn't and works in the non-clinical role. 

He/she may be teaching medical students the basics of the human body and diseases or running lab tests on blood and other body samples to provide the clinician with a report which can help in diagnosis and treatment. The non-clinical doctor may also be working in a research position finding new knowledge about the human body, diseases, and cures. He/she may be holding an administrative position and acting as custodian of the rights of the patients. He/she may be carrying out surveillance of diseases and control of epidemics. He/she may be working with the industry and helping in the development of patient-friendly products.

"Journey of a Non-Clinical Doctor" is an initiative to empower and mainstream such non-clinical doctors. 

The advancement of medical science, as well as the proper functioning of healthcare organizations, needs non-clinical doctors, precisely, that is the main reason for their existence. See the post Why Does Society Need Non-Clinical Doctors which explains this in detail.

From my personal experience, I believe that many non-clinical doctors do not get the right guidance, opportunities, and benefits; which they deserve. They face several challenges at personal, professional, and operational levels. To know more about these challenges, see the section on Challenges faced by non-clinical doctors.

The contribution of many non-clinical doctors in society is underrated however, few lucky and blessed non-clinical doctors are able to leave an indelible mark in healthcare. The section  Journey of famous non-clinical doctors captures the journey of some of such successful non-clinical doctors. Many of them have greatly contributed to improvements in medical science and healthcare.

Much of the online information related to the work profile of non-clinical doctors are locked behind a paywall or a password or is highly scattered. There are very few online resources and communities which provide valuable free content and cater to the needs of non-clinical doctors working in the teaching institutions and the industry. To know more about their work profile or nature of job see the section on Work profile of non-clinical doctors

"Journey of a Non-Clinical Doctor aims to provide non-clinical doctors a common platform to associate with each other and also to generate an unmatched repository of knowledge for the benefit of the present as well as the future non-clinical doctors. "Journey of a Non-Clinical Doctor" also aims to inform society in general about their myriad contributions.

Thank you for being here. I wish that the readers enjoy reading our posts and freely express their views in the comments section given below the posts. I appeal to the readers to feel free to share and disseminate the blog through social media. This would certainly help in reaching out to more people. 

I also take this opportunity to invite submissions from the non-clinical doctors who wish to contribute to the repository of knowledge. Please refer to the Guidance For Contributors document for the details.

Once again, thank you, for spending your valuable time with us.

Dr. Naval Asija
Founding Editor

naval asija
Dr. Naval Asija, MBBS, DHA

I am a New Delhi-based non-clinical doctor having health administration postgraduate training. 
Since 2018, I have been writing/blogging full-time on health issues. 
You can read more about me by clicking here.

Previously, I have spent a decade working in organizations like Innodata India Pvt. Ltd., Win-Medicare Pvt. Ltd., National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, and National Polio Surveillance Project.  I also publish the blog Health Science Made Easy

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