Dr. Mahdi Hasan: A Celebrated Anatomist

Dr. Mahdi Hasan – A Celebrated Indian Anatomist

In this article, you will read about Dr. Mahdi Hasan. He was a celebrated anatomist and a true polymath who loved teaching anatomy.

Who was Dr. Mahdi Hasan?

Dr. Mahdi Hasan was an Anatomist. Anatomists study the structure of the human body by dissecting it and using specialized techniques such as embalming (preserving the dead body) and microscopy. Dr. Mahdi Hasan was globally recognized for his teaching skills in clinically oriented anatomy as well as for his specialized research in the field of brain research that was conducted by using an electron microscopy technique.

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Dr. Mahdi Hasan - A Polymath

Dr. Mahdi Hasan was a true polymath, and he assumed multiple roles in his professional career.

He became the Dean of Studies, Dean of Student Welfare, Principal of Medical College, Chief Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Director of Brain Research Center at Aligarh Muslim University. 

He was an advisor to the WHO, and Govt. of India, a member of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, a member of the Bajaj Committee on National Educational Policy for Health Sciences. 

He was the examiner of the German language at both the Jawahar Lal Nehru University and AMU. He was the Founder Director of Era University and President of several scientific societies. He was a distinguished book author who contributed to multiple books and published six books on his own. And above all, he was an internationally renowned teacher of Anatomy, which is a rare feat.

His original research published in over a hundred papers in the fields of neuroanatomy and neurotoxicity established him as a medical scientist of international repute. He was awarded fellowships and scientific awards from a large number of prestigious organizations. 


Qualifications of Dr. Mahdi Hasan

He completed both his MBBS and MS (Anatomy) from King George Medical College, Lucknow, where he displayed not only academic excellence but, also excellence in sports, being the best student sportsman of the year. For his academic excellence, he was offered specialization in orthopedics, which he declined as he loved teaching and didn't wish to put it on the back burner.

Soon after completing his specialization in Anatomy, he joined AMU, and shortly he was selected for the German Academic Exchange Fellowship (DAAD). He learned electron microscopy from his mentor in Germany along with the German language. He was offered German citizenship which he declined for his love of India. After his return to India, he demonstrated his leadership in both of these skills.

Recognition of Dr. Mahdi Hasan's Professional Life

Dr. Mahdi Hasan was an eminent medical teacher of his time and was a visiting professor or guest lecturer to a large number of international universities. His contribution was recognized by the Medical Council of India through the award of Dr. B. C. Roy Award. 

Govt. of India awarded him the prestigious Padma Shri Award in acknowledgment of his contributions to India's healthcare, medical education, and medical science spanning over five decades. He has also been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the anatomical society of India. 

Dr. Mahdi Hasan was married to an Urdu Scholar, Mrs. Abida Mahdi, who died within a month of his death. His legacy is being taken forward by his son Dr. Abbas Ali Mahdi, who is a renowned medical biochemist and currently the vice-chancellor of Era University.


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